Drawing direct from nature

Getting close in on nature, plants & flowers can be a revelation. Plants we take for granted look very different when drawn with an intense, concentrated examination of the form & details. Spring is the perfect time for this, sketch wisteria buds one month then another sketch a month later reveals the transformation (see above).

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How Yin & Yang helps the portrait artist

I use the concept of yin/yang positive/negative in EVERY drawing I do! Its a way of thinking & seeing that makes drawing complicated forms possible. It was a revelation to me, many years ago when I first discovered it in the excellent – Drawing on the right side of the brain by Betty Edwards. the

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Mort Drucker

I have always admired the way Mort Drucker draws hands, nobody draws them with such care so convincingly. Its true that the eyes of the viewer look at heads & hands first, so we have to get them right . They are as difficult to draw well – if not more so- as heads .

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