Looking for a UK portrait artist who can supply a custom portrait or original artwork? Require an experienced, professional portraiture artist, but worried about price or think it’s too complicated to organise? With his quick turnaround, fantastic customer service, and beautifully rendered paintings and drawings, Stan has 40 years of experience delivering above clients’ expectations.

As a full-time artist, he paints and draws: portraits of people (including adults and children), portraits of pets, caricatures, paintings of houses, paintings of vehicles, landscape paintings and fine art. His main media are: oil paint, chalk pastel, charcoal and pencil, but he also uses watercolour, acrylic and gouache in his work. 

Customised costumes, backgrounds, colours, designs, large compositions or large groups are all possible: contact Stan to discuss your ideas now. Group portraits or caricatures can be done from separate photos.

All commissioned artwork can be done from photos or directly (live). To order your very own custom artwork, just send him an order via this website or using the contact details provided. You can send your photos via Whatsapp, email or snail mail. He usually delivers within two weeks of receiving your commission.

Stan has the expertise to paint a strong likeness and achieve a beautiful finish thanks to his 40 years of professional experience as a portrait artist.

When he’s not in the studio, Stan likes to draw live portraits and caricatures in locations around the UK. You can view his event list to find out where he’ll be next.

When you’ve had a look through the site and chosen what type of artwork you like, send your order via the Prices & Order page.

Send Photos

Send your photos to Stan, following the guidelines on the Contact page.

Receive Order

Receive your order in the post! Most of Stan’s clients receive their artwork within 2 weeks!


I have been working full-time as a portrait artist since 1980. It is thanks to the thousands of portraits that I have drawn from life that I am able to create such vibrant portraits from photos.

As well as portraits of people, I am well known for portraits from photos of dogs, cats and horses.

As a light relief from the serious business of portraits from photos, I am famous for my caricatures from photos. Be it a customised birthday card, to a mess caricature of 40 military officers of the British Army.

Whether it is a portrait of a loved child or children, a family group (which can be done from separate photos), an oil painting of an adored pet that has passed away, or a humorous caricature for a friend’s retirement, I love my job and I put all my skill and professionalism into each commission.

Stan Hurr

Need help deciding what to commission?

Get in touch with Stan by phone or email and he’ll be more than happy to discuss your commission or commissions with you.
Almost anything you can dream up is possible!


Some recent letters sent to Stan by satisfied customers.


I can't thank you enough Stan, the picture I asked you to do for my husband was fantastic & I'm already thinking of my next one.

Samantha Mason
Group Portrait

I posted the portrait and your business card on my facebook with the comment…Thank you Stanley Hurr for capturing the Soul of my beautiful boy.

I honestly can't thank you enough. You have an amazing talent.

Jacqui Guy
Dog Portrait

Andy, my husband had a wonderful 70th birthday yesterday.

The caricature that you did with the steam train and the Sheffield Wednesday connection was a huge success. He loved it and it became the prime talking point with every visitor we had.

Thank you SO much.

Carol Thompson

You did a portrait of my mum's dog on Friday and I just wanted to say thank you so much, my mum was over the moon with it and felt you had really captured her dog Ember.

Thanks so much

Claire Marriott
Dog Portrait


Frequently Asked Questions from clients.

How much does a portrait painting cost?

Have a look at the Prices & Order page, this should answer all your questions. If not, get in touch with me by checking the Contact page.

How can I commission my hand drawn art?

Visit the Prices & Order page to place your order. If you wish to see more examples of Stan’s work, click through the categories in the side menu on the left. 

How long does it take to complete the portrait?

Portraits usually take 2 weeks to deliver, but if the portrait is needed quickly it can be prioritised. Jobs can be completed in a short time e.g. – within a few days for colour pastels or charcoal portraits. Oil portraits need time to dry, which can take up to an additional 4 weeks.

Can portraits be done from photos?

Yes. 75% of Stan’s time is spent drawing from photos. He can work from all kinds of photos whatever the condition. One of Stan’s favourite parts of his job is to unite families in one composite portrait — even when some of the photos are very old and blurry.
You can e-mail, text or Whatsapp your photos.

Can a portrait be made from separate photos?

Yes. Any number of people can be drawn together from separate photos.
Stan does work for the army which contain up to 50 soldiers in one large drawing.


Want to commission a painting or drawing?

It’s easy! You’ll just need to know what medium you want. 
Stan’s prices are really reasonable too!