Colour Pastel Portrait by Stan Hurr, UK Portrait Artist


Stan is a professional UK artist who can be commissioned to paint your portrait in oil on canvas, pastel, charcoal or pencil. You can commission your hand painted portrait easily through this website, just have a look at the examples below and choose your preferred medium.

An artistic representation creates something that photography cannot replicate. Extra life, more vibrant colour create a more vivid image, with the texture of the medium and high-quality paper resulting in a beautiful and premium look for your memories.

Family portraits or groups can be done from separate photos.



Many of my portrait commissions are for special occasions. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, retirement, or family members who have passed away. I can re-unite families from separate photos. Up to any number can be drawn or painted in one composite picture. A large percentage of my orders are referrals or clients who regularly come back for my services.

Portraits from photos are rendered in oil paints, coloured pastels, charcoal or pencil.
Stan Hurr


Frequently Asked Questions from clients.

How long does it take to complete the portrait?

Portraits usually take 2 weeks to deliver, but if the portrait is needed quickly it can be prioritised. Jobs can be completed in a short time e.g. – within a few days for colour pastels or charcoal portraits. Oil portraits need time to dry, which can take up to an additional 4 weeks.

Can portraits be done from photos?

Yes. 75% of Stan’s time is spent drawing from photos. He can work from all kinds of photos whatever the condition. One of Stan’s favourite parts of his job is to unite families in one composite portrait — even when some of the photos are very old and blurry.
You can e-mail, text or Whatsapp your photos.

Can a portrait be made from separate photos?

Yes. Any number of people can be drawn together from separate photos.
Stan does work for the army which contain up to 50 soldiers in one large drawing.


Some recent letters sent to Stan by satisfied customers.


I can't thank you enough Stan, the picture I asked you to do for my husband was fantastic & I'm already thinking of my next one.

Samantha Mason
Group Portrait
Hi Stan, Just emailing to say a massive Thank You for the portraits, they were delivered yesterday. Fantastic work once again.
Joshua Haye
Hi Stan, Just to let you know that my son & granddaughter were thrilled with the portrait of her, Thank you so much.
Dawn Tucker

Need help deciding medium, size, composition…?

Get in touch with Stan by phone or email (or Whatsapp!) and he’ll be more than happy to discuss your commission with you.
Almost anything you can dream up is possible!

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