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The only artist online with an easy-to-use price calculator and order form! Easily find a quote for your art commission using the price calculator below. Then, if you decide to order, it’s easy to pay online by filling in the form. 

To order online, you’ll need an email address, and you can choose either credit/debit card or bank transfer. If you prefer not to order online, you can contact Stan directly by visiting the Contact page.

Once you’ve sent your order, send your photos to Stan by email, WhatsApp, text message, post, or give them directly to Stan. Check the Contact page for sending information, and the Event List page to find out where Stan will be next.

Price Calculator

Select from the options below for an artwork commission quote.
Each “artwork” is a single sheet/canvas.
In the price calculator below:
– To add more main drawings onto a single sheet/canvas, change the “Number of subjects”.
– To add more small drawings onto a single sheet/canvas, change the “Number of vignettes” (this option may not be available with all artwork types).
– To add more sheets/canvases, click the “Add another artwork” button in the price calculator below. 
To order using the quote, use the form underneath the Price Calculator on this page (just keep scrolling down).

Your Total = £

Fill in the form below to order using the above quote. 
Contact Stan if you want a different size, or if you have any unusual/special requests.

Complete the form below to send an order using the above quote.

Postage for your order will cost £ .
This will be automatically added to the total when you confirm your order.
Save on postage by ordering multiple drawings together!
Note: Oil paintings and framed artwork will ship separately to other artwork. Maximum of 2 artworks can be packed together.

Please note that we do not send in-progress or finished photo previews.

Need help deciding medium, size, composition…?

Get in touch with Stan by phone or email (or Whatsapp!) and he’ll be more than happy
to discuss your commission with you.
Almost anything you can dream up is possible!