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Each weekend I love to get out of the house and plonk myself in a busy centre. I`m so used to working in busy environments that the chaos around doesn`t bother me.After working at incredibly noisy fiestas in Spain, a shopping centre in England seems very calm.
This is my 61st year. I have been a full-time artist for 33 years, doing all kinds of different artwork but the thing that I love best is to draw from a person sitting in front of me, from now till I kick the proverbial bucket or am unable to work I will try to draw as many people as I can.Look out for me every (almost) week at a shopping centre. Check out where I`ll be in `Dates of Live Appearances`.My live prices are very affordable- starting at 5!!!
My goal is to create a true likeness that is lively, spontaneous and accurate yet within reach of most pockets.
I draw as much as I can from life. Sittings take approximately 20 minutes per person, this enables me to breathe life into the portraits I do from photos.
I hope you enjoy my site, there are hundreds of examples to see.Whether you want to commission a portrait or just browsing I hope you enjoy my work.
Please e-mail me if you have any comments to make; stanhurr@gmail.com or visit my blog and contact me there - stanhurr.blogspot.com